Pasting Machine
- 2-side pasting effect with speial designed pasting device.
- Pasting 80-180 plates/min.
- Pasting area 320mm ×175mm.
- Pasting thickness 1.0mm to 4.0mm.
- Scraper/Roller designed hopper.
- Acid washer and recycling system with roller.
- Save paste usage.Less than 1% waste paste.
Patented Pasting system
Gives 2-side effect to plates
Patent # :200620120555.9
 Pasting Specifications Pasting thickness   1.0~4.0mm
Pasting length      150~320mm
Pasting width       90~175mm
Max Plate size      390mm
 Pasting speed 80~180 pc/min
 Main motor 415V/380V 5.5kw
 Mainframe transducer 415V/380V 7.5kw
 Pasting hopper motor 415V/380V 3.7kw
 Hopper transducer 415V/380V 5.5kw
 Feeding motor(NRM005 1/5) 415V/380V 0.37kw
 Vacuum pump motor(2×-4C) 415V/380V 0.75kw
 Acid pump(FS32×25-12.5) 415V/380V 0.75kw
 Grid pasting belt(L×W×T) 2565×400×6(mm)
 Capacity of pasting hopper 305×360×320(mm)
 Input air pressure 0.4Mpa~0.5Mpa
 Air flow 0.06m3/min
 Machine outline dimension(L×W×H) 3050×1350×1780(mm)
 Machine weight ≈1500kg
 Packing measurements 3170×1470×2000(mm)
 Packing weight ≈1800kg
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