High Furance Casting Machine

- New  High  Furnace  Design
- Suitable for all types of alloy
- Casting size 385mm ×180mm/445mm×180mm
  (optional wide frame)
- Casting thickness from 1.0mm to 4.0mm
- Producing up to20 grids/min
- Patented designs
- Saves energy and lead usage by USD$20,000/year

   dsc Casting Machine  Other brand
 Lead dross  1%  >3%
 Power usage  17kw  >20kw

 Max. range of Casting, including Luds(L×W)  385×180(m m)  ( Optional  445mm)
 Casting thickness  1.0~4.0  ( m m )
 Casting  speed  8~20 pc/min
 Capacity of lead furnace  800kg
 Electric heating pipe of lead furnace  220V/240V  18kw (3kw×6pcs/group)
 Ladle heater  2.5kw/3.2kw
 Electric heating block of  mould  380V/415V  1.2kw
 Specification of conveying belt(L×W×T)  1450×370×6
 Scrap material belt(L×W×T)  4610×300×5
 Main motor  380V/415V  0.75kw
 Adjustable Cutting area (W)  100~180 (m m)
 Adjustable Cutting area (L)  400 m m
 Mold Clamping pressure  0.4-0.6MPa
 Input air pressure  0.5Mpa
 Air flow  0.15m3/min
 Machine weight  2960×1020×1950 ( mm )
 Machine weight  1300kg
 Packing measurements (L×W×H)  3170×1150×2170(mm)
 Packing weight  1500kg

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